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Individual & Family Therapy

Trauma Informed Youth Counselling

Through personalised sessions, Luke aims to build resilient, emotionally intelligent and connected young people through a trauma informed strengths-based approach.

Trauma Informed Parent Coaching

As parents are first responders and counsel for their children, Luke gives parents strategies to understand their children through a values and trauma informed approach.

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I have both daytime and evening office hours available to answer any questions you may have. Please connect with me via my social media pages or my contact phone number.

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Most Common Questions

Please explore the most common questions and concerns about my therapeutic approach.

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Explore My Online Learning Programs

Learn at your pace in your time! My online learning programs are based on the model I work with my clients – Trauma Informed Youth Counselling. These programs give you access to strategies you can implement right now that have immediate impact on your child’s anxiety and a framework to parenting.

The Legacy We Leave Our Children

A deep dive into how our parenting approach is affected by our traumas and what that means for our children

Transitioning From Parent To Mentor

A look at one of the toughest shifts parents make as their child becomes a young adult.

Counselling & Coaching

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Most Common Questions

“Parenting is the toughest job in the world full of responsibility, fear and judgement.”
Luke has worked within the high school system for many years and has assisted families to break free of the worry, confusion and fear that they experience with their children through the teen years. Luke takes a trauma informed, physiological, strengths-based approach to overcome family challenges.
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How My Therapy Works

Open Your Heart

No matter how much you profess to love your partner.

Open Your Heart

No matter how much you profess to love your partner.

Open Your Heart

No matter how much you profess to love your partner.

Open Your Heart

No matter how much you profess to love your partner.

The Stories of Success

Questions about therapy

How My Therapy Works

I offer face to face sessions with an online video conferencing option. As face to face is preferred, when we can’t make that work we have the option to have sessions on a private online conferencing service.
A trauma informed approach focuses on where the emotions and dysregulation lives. The body stores the anxiety we experience that then impacts different parts of the brain and can slow them down or turn them off. When our body is in a threat mode, we become highly reactive to our environment. My approach works with the body to calm it down giving young people access to the parts of their brain where they can shift their perspective and focus on what is most important to them.
Yes absolutely! I have found that without parent support children struggle to make shifts. Parents are first responders for their children and without an understanding parents can’t support their children.
Yes. To allow your child to make the shifts that they are looking for, involving their school is paramount. The aim would be to ensure your child’s school are able to support them and create a safe space. It’s an all-hands-on deck approach.

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